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Congratulations to these Top Rated Movers who have set the highest standards in the moving and relocation industry. Mover of the Year updates our top movers list weekly. Safety records, performance statistics and customer feed back are the tools used to score these top rated movers. Long Distance moves fall under federal guidelines and its important that clients know what to look for when selecting a mover and simply don’t just pick the lowest price. When selecting a mover there should be many considerations to look at. this can be time consuming so Mover of The Year has compiled the data and provided the resources for you to make a better choice. Mover of The year is updated daily and you can even check out a movers current licensing and insure status Here. The Moving Industry is an important part of Americas growth and health. On Average Americans Move nearly a dozen times in their lifetime. Top Rated Movers like the ones noted here provide a valuable, professional service. Your feedback is welcome so feel free to Contact Us. Need a Moving Quote from a Top Rated Mover? Mover of The Year will put you in touch with the Top rated mover in your area. All of our certified movers are ready and available to serve you.  Just Fill out the Free estimate form below or call one of our top rated movers by clicking on the state you are moving from or your destination state. Our Top Rated Movers go cross country 365 days a year moving families and businesses like yours.



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